Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Funny sometimes when we make a bit of time to reflect on how we got to THIS DAY. Definately a journey of experience. Education is a key to everything we choose to do. But one day, when we feel we know a great deal more than we intended to know when the journey began, we find a need to share.

That need is driven by observing others struggling and suffering needlessly. It is not that they know they struggle needlessly. The need to share is driven by the inherent desire to help them learn how to stop and to prevent it in the first place.

When we look at facts and base our belief system on things that are only backed with proof the need to share becomes intense. I understand the "burning desire" very well.

That is the reason for ExpoZium.com. I have been an intense researcher now for over 7 years. The facts that I have learned must be shared with others. I am a co-founder of an Independent Research group. The researched discovery that we have found is saving lives and stopping and preventing needless suffering. We have since developed a complete health education program that is available for all.

As I continually found the scientific facts in the area of my interests an alarming number of other truths began to unveil themselves. There are a great many that are researching facts and bringing those facts to families who so desperately need them. Education is the key! As we learn we realize that many of our decisions in the past have been based on false information without any facts to back them up.

This is why ExpoZium (with a Z).com has been and is being developed. To bring all the works and wisdom from those that have invested their time, money and energy into verifying truth and facts. Now we have a vehicle to bring those facts and findings to you , your family, your employees, neighbors and communities.

Do not hesitate to share the information provided with others. Many are desperately seeking help and answers to their questions. You can help. Simply learn how to forward information to others. Let them research their area of interest and apply the knowledge gained in what ever way will make their life and the world a little better.

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6

What shall we leave our children? A world in the middle of a health crisis? A world that has continually polluted the very water we drink, the air we breath and the food we eat? We must leave them the education and truth as to what will also meet their needs for a better life and a better world. It is our responsibility.

Join with me in learning. It has been a long journey, but has provided much along the way. I look back and have no regrets except that I did not share the knowledge I was gaining along the way. That is changing for me, I hope it also changes for you too.


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