Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Who ARE These Guys?

Please take a moment (read & watch the video) on how Bayer Drug Pharmaceuticle Co.-(asprin) continued to "unload" their 'aids taineted' stock plie of blood in foregin countries after they were told they could not sell in the US.

Even Worse... This was not until reporters got a hold of the records that PROVED (not only that the blood existed BUT the FDA let it go! ONLY President Bill Clinton went before the congress & wanted to change the FDA to non Pharmeceuticle representitives & put higher demands on the Pharmeceuticle Industry. This bill was immediately rejected by the current drug supported congress.

Why would our congress reject this idea?


I suggest all of you, consider subscribing to Dr Mercola.com .(This is just my personal opinion.)

There is a wealth of info most of us do not have access to, & would never see.. It is ALL backed up with signifigant credible support.

IT was Bill Clinton who went up againt the Pharmaceutical Companies & wanted to revise the FDA, (removing all Pharmaceutical executives, so true information can be voted & investigated by the best chemist scientists we have.

This bill was thrown out August 13th 2001 by our own U.S. Congress. I can honestly say that from the years of research I have done, neither of the major political parties have the best interest of the american people very high on their priority list. Politics and religion to me is only there to divide the people. With the knowledge given us by the scientific health community we quickly see the err of our ways. We are all One and should not be divided against each other, but instead to be one with each other for the good of all.

Through my research I have researched and found that the major stockholders in the pharma/cartel companies are or have been members of congress and are equally represented by both democrats and republicans.

So what can we do? ExpoZium.com

Will You Help?

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RE: So what can we do?

You can stop lying to people and trying to control everything and everybody!